How to Choose Camping Toilet – Guide

When you are deciding which portable camping toilet to buy, you will need to decide which design and features best suit your needs. There are elements in every portable toilet design that can enhance your experience by answering nature’s call. You may even wonder what is glamour? And if a portable toilet is too much for camping, but the best portable camping toilet will help you feel comfortable and clean outdoors. Learn all about how to choose camping toilet in this guide.

How to Choose Camping Toilet: Ease of use

A portable camping toilet will be easier to use because you don’t have to rely on a water tank, like the toilets found in a home. Portable camping toilets should be fairly easy and user-friendly. Plus, you should be able to take it with you wherever you go. A portable toilet should be so easy to use that you can take it on fishing trips, boat trips, and camping trips.

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Camping Toilet Hygiene

The design of the portable camping toilet must be hygienic. The toilet must be kept clean by having a dedicated space for waste. All waste must be collected in a container where it does not have to come into direct contact when the container is emptied. Hygiene is extremely important in nature and a portable camping toilet should help you to handle waste safely and reliably when travelling outdoors.

How to Choose Camping Toilet: Types

There are many different types of portable toilets that you can choose from. Some portable toilet designs have a water reservoir that is used to flush the toilet. Other toilets will use a bag system to collect waste. Either way, both designs should be hygienic and easy to use. However, if you want to avoid having to deal with waste and water, a toilet with waste bags in the design would be best for you. Also, toilets that use a water reservoir are best used in a regulated area where you have constant access to water and a safe disposal area. Otherwise, bags are better for campers looking to explore remote locations.


Waste Disposal

The method of waste disposal will depend on the design of the toilet. Toilets that rely on a water tank system need to be emptied at specific locations that are built to handle the waste. This means that the campsite or camping area will have a waste management system and a water source to refill the tank. Toilets that rely on bags for waste disposal can be cleaned more easily for campers who travel to remote locations. The bags are made of biodegradable materials, so they can be buried in the ground. You can buy a powder that converts liquid waste into solids for easy disposal. If you are going to use the bag management method, it is better to also use a biodegradable toilet paper so that everything decomposes faster.

Camping Toilet Cleaning

The advantage of a waterless toilet design with cleaning is that it does not really need to be cleaned. The toilet must remain clean and collect all waste in the bag. This means that all you have to do is regularly empty the bag and dispose of it properly. Toilets that rely on a water tank should be cleaned with a cleaning agent and deodorant. These toilets should come with their own cleaning instructions.

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Camping Toilet Waste Bag Capacity

Some toilets have the ability to use a garbage bag and others do not. Toilets that rely on a water tank usually do not allow the feature of a garbage bag. If you want a toilet that has a garbage bag, make sure you are buying a model that does not rely on water. Garbage bags should be able to handle and handle waste easily and can be disposed of easily. Just remember to change the bag frequently and replace it with a new one.


Bathrooms at home are usually comfortable, but on the road, you may not find the same amenities. Portable camping toilets are not the size of a home toilet and therefore may cause you to squat or stand in unusual positions. It will depend on you and your preference whether a toilet is comfortable or not. However, remember that no portable toilet will give you the comfort of home, but it will be better than trying to squat over a hole in the floor.

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