How to Find a Hole in an Air Mattress with Smoke

There are several methods to detect a possible hole in an inflatable element, such as an air mattress, inflatable boats, kayaks, and SUP boards, or inflatable sofa. Here we tell you about this particular method preferred by some people because it is very visual and simple. Learn How to Find a Hole in an Air Mattress with Smoke.

We recommend that first of all, before thinking that the inflatable device leaks, you should check the valve.  Valves are always prone to leakage.

If you have checked that the valve is working properly and yet the air is escaping we recommend the following methods to find the leak.

The method of the soap consists of atomizing liquid soap, seeing the leak as appearances of bubbles.

The method of the senses, in which detecting the leak depends on your touch and extreme hearing, in an empty room.

Another method is to place the inflatable device underwater in a bathtub, to evidence the air leakage as bubbles. It may be impractical for large inflatable devices.

smoke air mattress

How to Find a Hole in an Air Mattress with Smoke: How to Do It

Finally, this method is on the rise to find a hole in an air mattress with smoke.

Some advice filling the mattress with smoke. This method is good for hookah or vape smokers. When pumping air into the mattress, fill the space near the pump with dense smoke.

Then apply pressure on the product. Where you notice thin droplets of smoke coming out, there will be damage.

Once to detect the hole, you will need to patch it.

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We hope this guide will be of great help to find the puncture in your air mattress, so you can continue using it.