How to Patch Intex Kayak – Step by Step

Learn how to patch Intex kayak step by step! At MySportOutdoors, we recognize the importance of maintenance and care of this type of boat. But, even if we take all the recommendations, an air leak can steal our fun.

For this reason, we present a guide to repairing your inflatable kayak, as well as a series of tips for its care and maintenance. If you are a practitioner of this water sport and use one of these boats, you probably know that they need to be inflated and deflated with each use.

How to Patch Inflatable Kayak

The biggest weakness of these boats is the possibility of suffering a puncture with a sharp object during your journey. To solve this problem and repair your inflatable kayak, you should proceed as follows:

How to Patch Intex Kayak: Locate the Leak

The first thing you must do to repair your inflatable kayak is to locate where the air leak is. This process should be done with the kayak inflated and, preferably, in a very quiet place. This way you will be able to hear and feel where the hole is.

If apparently, the leak is too small to know where it is, we recommend submerging the boat in the water. Do this with the kayak partially full, so that it is easy to put it in the water. In this way, the bubbles coming out of the boat will help you identify the location.

How to Patch Intex Kayak: Clean and Dry

Once you have located the puncture site, you must make sure that there is no object nailed to the surface. Then, clean and dry the area very well, as it will be ready to make the patch.

Inflatable Kayak Repair Kit

A kayak repair kit is very important in case a leak occurs in the middle of a kayak trip. If you do not have this kit, you can opt for a bicycle patch, which, although not very aesthetic, will fulfill the repair function.

how to patch inflatable kayak repair kit
Inflatable repair kit. Sandpaper to repair the punctured area.

How to Patch Intex Kayak: Sand the Affected Surface

Since you have the materials to repair your inflatable kayak in the leak, the first step is to sand the affected surface. Bypassing the sandpaper opens the pores of the plastic, which will allow the action of the glue to be more effective.

inflatable kayak repair kit
Different patches. We use a plastic knife to place the glue.
inflatable kayak tools
Different patches.

How to Patch Intex Kayak: Patch and Let Dry

Now, on the previously sanded surface, apply the glue and immediately place the patch. You must let it dry for 12 to 24 hours, taking care not to move the boat during this time so that the patch does not bend and tighten.

inflatable kayak hole
kayak fix dry
Apply force to the patch for the recommended time.

Inflatable Boat Repair Kit

With the same kit that we repair the kayak, we can repair boats of the same material. It is also possible to repair mattresses and some inflatable toys.

Tips for the Care and Maintenance of your Inflatable Kayak

Now that you know how to repair your inflatable kayak, we share with you a series of tips for its care and maintenance. These are vital to prolong its useful life and ensure its safe use during your trips.

Caution with Fishing Tackle

One of the most common uses of inflatable kayaks is to go fishing. In this regard, it is important to be very cautious, since the objects used in this activity are often sharp. Try not to place them without an insulator inside the boat.

Avoid Taking Pets

We know that it is tempting to take our pets as companions on our trips. However, it is not advisable to put them in our inflatable kayak, since the most vulnerable areas are the sides and the base, where our pets can lean or tear the surface.

Beware of Sharp Objects

Check the objects you take with you on your trip. If you carry sharp objects, make sure they are inside a box or bag that prevents their contact with the surface of the kayak, because if they get punctured, we will have to repair the inflatable kayak.