How to Choose Fishing Line – Types and Differences

The fishing line has evolved a lot and the conventional monofilament is already going out of fashion. Monofilament and braided are more and more viable options and have more and more advances and advantages. Here are the pros and cons of the monofilament line vs braided line. Learn all about how to choose fishing line.

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How to Choose Fishing Line

Braided Fishing Line

Braided fishing line is composed of several braided threads, they have no elasticity or memory, but are very resistant to abrasion. These are not transparent, do not resist the rubbing against the rocks, and given their lack of elasticity (that can produce the breakage when there is some dry pull), it is advisable to use a monofilament (or common line) of approximately 1 or 2 meters at the end of the line.

The braided fishing line is more resistant than the common fishing lines with equal thickness, and therefore when using lines with a smaller thickness we will make longer throws.

Finally, when using braided lures go deeper faster.

It floats without the need for floating lines.


As we have said they are the majority of current polyesters, consisting of a single polyester filament, (although some are covered with different “elements” to give them one or other properties such as Aluminium, Titanium, with textures to favor the generation of effects, etc….) and their most characteristic properties are

PRO: Durability, generation of effects, a greater sense of control; the strings do not move; more affordable price. In addition, on windy days the braid flies too much, therefore, dragging the lines. They have greater elasticity than the braid and great resistance to abrasion.

CONS: Loss of tension, reduced comfort, and touch.

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Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Fluorocarbon is a material used to give the line the power of invisibility under water. Some monofilament lines have fluorocarbon coatings to improve their qualities but they will never compare to the strength of a full fluorocarbon. That’s why they are used more for joints than for the mother line.

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