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Moon-Time is a theory formulated by the North American John Alden Knight that establishes a series of periods produced by the conjugated or antagonistic attraction of the Moon in which the living beings show greater activity. It is supposed that in these periods the need of living beings to look for food increases. Learn all about Fishing Calendar Solunar in this article.

Knowing when these periods occurred, Alden Knight devised the so-called solunar tables that have been used by hunters and fishermen to determine the ideal times to catch the most fish.

Between sunrise and sunset (of the sun and moon), there are other intermediate time periods of activity. These two more obvious periods of activity were called major periods (in tables MT1 and MT2) and the two intermediate periods, shorter in duration, were called minor periods (in tables mt1 and mt2).

The major periods are the times when all the ideal conditions for maximum activity are met. They have an approximate duration of two hours, the one indicated in the tables is the midpoint of the event, so the period covers an interval of +/- 1h. The smaller periods, although not as active as the previous ones, will differ from the rest of the day and their duration will be shorter, not exceeding one hour.

The interval to be considered is +/- 1/2h. The major periods alternate with the minor ones, happening on average a major period every twelve hours and fifteen minutes, with a mismatch between a major and a minor period of approximately five hours.

These tables have been published in the United States since 1934 as “Solunar Tables”.

fishing calendar solunar

Fishing Calendar Solunar

At MySportOutdoors we bring you the Solunar calendar for both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Fishing Calendar Solunar Northern Hemisphere

Fishing Calendar Solunar  Southern Hemisphere

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