Fishing in Arkansas River – Ultimate Guide

Living only 20 blocks from the Arkansas River (in Arkansas), I can say that Fishing in Arkansas River is very enjoyable and highly rewarding. Fishing in this great river gave me great surprises, but sometimes fishing in this river is not so easy.

How Much are Arkansas Fishing License

First, we must know that as in every state to fish we must have a fishing license. Everyone over 16 years old needs to have a license. There are different prices (residents, non-residents, veterans, etc.) and several options (for trout, for alligator gat, etc.), but all this information such as prices and varieties of licenses can be obtained in this article from Fishing License Cost: All 50 States Guide.

But to resume, costs range from $6.50 and up (Prices 2021).

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Arkansas Fishing Report

To get the Arkansas river fishing report I always visit the Arkansas Game Fishing Commission (AGFC) website, every week they give fishing reports for the Arkansas River and other fishing spots in this great state.

Arkansas Fishing Regulations

The fishing regulations can be found here. They are simple and one can download the pdf file or print it. Some stores in the state also deliver them printed.

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Fishing in Arkansas River:  Species

Some of the fish species most commonly found in the Arkansas River are:



Catfish (different species)

Alligator Gar

Common Carp

Black Buffalo

White Bass



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Fishing in Arkansas River – How to Fish

As you may have seen in the previous list, this river has several species of fish, so one must choose which one to fish since not all of them are caught with the same method.

For example, for catfish fishing, I use a sinker and one or two hooks with (liver or worm). This is my preferred method and preferred baits, but some people fish with a bobber and other baits.

When I fish crappie or bluegill I use a float with a single hook and worm. Although other fishermen in the area use plastic lures.

For bass fishing in this river, for example, I use jigs of different colors and sizes. I also use lures and rarely fish them with live bait.

fishing lure plastic
My favorite lure for bass in Arkansas River.

To fish for catfish I prefer to go too deep areas or the dams in the area. But for other species, I use my kayak or walk along the shores of the small streams that form in the Arkansas River.

The fishing during the winter in this river, at least where I live, is very null due to the intense cold.

But in the other months, the fishing is very good, although in summer it is advisable to fish very early in the morning or at night because in hot weather the fish rarely eat.

I hope this little guide will help you to be able to fish in the Arkansas River.