How to Choose Fishing Waders – Ultimate Guide

Fishing waders are one of the most important implements in coastal fishing and the most representative of wading. It keeps us dry and insulated from the cold since they work as waterproof pants that allow us to enter the waters with total comfort. It also keeps us clean and safe from certain stagnant freshwater pathogens, such as bacteria, bites, and leeches. Learn all about how to choose fishing waders in this article.

There are three main groups. The PVC and/or Nylon models, stand out for their economy and are widely used in warm waters. The neoprene ones, of average price, are used exclusively in cold waters. The modern breathable waders represent the maximum evolution in wading since they sweat underwater and dissipate heat better, providing greater comfort and freedom of movement.

Whether in fly fishing, spinning, or bait (depending on the species or regulations), wading allows us to position ourselves very close to the fish, without noise and disturbance, increasing the effectiveness of our fishing considerably.


It is the most basic and economical model. For many, it is the first wader of their lives and there are models with built-in socks or boots (depending on the needs of the fisherman).

pvc waders


-Occupies little space.

-It is very cheap.

-Suitable for both hot and cold waters (in the latter case with thermal underwear).

-Ideal as second wader or spare.


-Condensed breathing.

-Easier to puncture or break, impose careful handling and storage (although certain models of PVC and Nylon can be very resistant).

-They are complicated in cases of a dip since they are completely filled with water and do not have the flotation of neoprene.


The neoprene waders appeared at the beginning of the ’80s and for many years they were “the best” in trout fishing, basically because of their durability and their great cold insulation.

how to choose fishing waders neoprene waders
bull shoals arkansas fishing


-Very good insulation from the cold.

-Practically indispensable in situations of many hours of deep wading in icy waters.

-Unsurpassable for the use of belly boats (many hours in the cold waters of the lakes).

-Very safe in cases of diving because it adjusts more to the body (less water entry) and because it has positive buoyancy.

-Because of their thickness they are quite resistant to punctures or abrasion.

-They have a long life span.

-In the case of punctures (due to their porous texture) they are easily repaired with Aquaseal.


-It takes up a lot of space in transport.

-Not applicable to water or warm days.

-Less comfortable than breathable ones.


They are so-called because they are made of membranes (such as Gore-Tex or Omniprene) that let the sweat molecules out but are completely waterproof. This makes them extremely fresh and comfortable. Despite its price, it is the wader that everyone wants to have and use.

breathable waders


-The most important is its comfort. No wader is so comfortable and versatile. Whoever has used this wader will hardly want to wear another one.

-Simply they feel like baggy pants.

-You can wear them equally in cold waters (with thermal underwear) as in warm waters.

-It takes up very little space in transport.

-If we are careful in its use and storage (we recommend to hang them stretched out on a hanger to not produce folds in the membrane), provides many days of life.


-It is the most expensive of the waders.

-Less easy to repair than neoprene.

-Because of the thinness of the membrane, it requires care when walking between bushes and thorny plants.

I hope that this guide about how to choose fishing waders to be helpful in your choice.