How to Kayak Safely – Quick Guide

Kayak fishing is becoming more and more popular, and like everything else, it has its dangers and recommendations. For that reason, I present you with a series of tips to be able to fish better. Learn all about how to kayak safely in this article.

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How to Kayak Safely

– Always carry water, even in winter. It is very important to be well hydrated.

– Always carry your paddle tied up and hold on to anything that might get lost in case the kayak turns over.

– We must always wear the life jacket

– Always carry a first aid kit.

– Try to carry everything you need, since going back for things is cumbersome and time-consuming.

– Inform yourself well before the tides and the weather.

– Try to always carry a whistle so that those nearby can hear you if you need help.

– In case of going further away, it is convenient to carry flares or signal mirrors.

– Always carry a rescue line, in case we have to be propelled.

– Anchor, necessary if we want to practice anchored fishing.

– Binoculars, useful for locating reference points, identifying other boats, detecting schools of fish feeding, etc.

– Always carry a Handy or phone to ask for help in case of emergency.

– The colors of the sky at sunrise and sunset can give you clues as to how the weather will be.

– Use bright colors to be seen.

– Inform about your departure and destination. It never hurts to let others know about your idea of going kayaking. This will make it easier for them to spot you in case something unexpected happens

– Avoid kayaking at night, the degree of visibility is considerably reduced when night falls and it is very likely that you will not be sighted by other boats, especially if you do not have any metal elements sticking out.

– Protect yourself, if you fish during the day you should put on a high protection sunscreen, use polarized sunglasses, and a hat or cap of the high spectrum.

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Kayak Fishing Safety Tips:

Knowing these tips and recommendations will make Fishing Kayak a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable practice.