How to Remove a Fish Hook from your Hand

Going fishing implies running many risks of various kinds, including getting a hook in the hand, finger, or worse, in the eye, among other parts of the body. And extracting it implies certain precautions and considerations to be taken into account. Learn all about how to remove a fish hook from your hand in this article.

Remove Hook from Hand or Body Step by Step

To stick a hook is an accident much more common than it seems, new fishermen are the most affected in suffering this mishap due to their inexperience at the time of manipulating this type of elements and more expert fishermen by their confidence and casual absent-mindedness are not exempt of suffering this accident either.

First of all, the first thing to do is to keep calm, it is useless to be alarmed because we can pull the fishing hook out of our body by a sudden movement and produce even greater damage. Now that we have calmed down, we will tell you how in 3 simple steps we will be able to remove a stuck hook. Many sportfishing professionals have indeed suffered this uncomfortable situation, so we leave you the essential steps to How to Remove a Fish Hook from your Hand.

Step 1

Wash your hands with soap and also the area around the embedded fishing hook to disinfect the wound. Then apply light pressure along the bend of the hook.

Step 2

If the tip of the fishhook is close to the surface of the skin, push it through the skin and then cut it off just behind the tip with a pair of pliers or nippers and pull it back out where it entered.

Step 3

Finally, wash the wound again thoroughly with soap and cool water and then cover the wound with a sterile dressing. Before extracting any fishhook it is necessary to know what type it is (common point, beak point, with or without death, etc.). In general, it does not usually affect the subcutaneous tissue, so if it is deeper it is recommended to go to the nearest health center.

Steps to Follow to Easily Remove a Stuck FishHook


fish hook remove 1


fish hook remove 2


fish hook remove 3


fish hook remove 4

We hope it helps you and always to avoid this type of accident you have to be very attentive at the time of the cast.