How To Tie Palomar Knot (Photos & Video)

Due to its simplicity and great resistance this knot is known as the “Palomar Knot” is considered one of the most popular fishing knots among sport fishermen of different fishing modalities: Surfcasting, Spinning, Carpfishing, Coup. Learn how to tie the Palomar knot for fishing step by step.

For example, in Surfcasting the eyelet hook is widely used together with the Palomar knot to hook delicate baits such as the Catalan worm or also known as “north” and all kinds of annelids that tend to break easily when introduced from the needle to the paddle hook with a normal tying, as this offers more resistance to the passage of the bait; In these cases, it is better to use eyelet hooks with the Palomar knot, since they facilitate the entrance of the worm and when not breaking you will present better the bait and it will be more attractive for those fishes that we try to catch. Once explained and having it clearer the why and when to use it, let’s see a video that I have prepared for you of how to learn to make this knot.

As you have been able to see it is a very simple knot to make in only 4 steps, but in case it is still not clear I leave you an image in which you will be able to see with total clarity the steps to follow:

How to tie Palomar Knot Step by Step.

I hope this knot can be useful in your fishing trips. If you have any doubt or if perhaps you would like to know how to tie another knot, let me know and I will help you as much as possible. We recommend you to see our articles about Basic Fishing Equipment for Beginners. Best regards and good fishing!