Trout Fishing in Arkansas: Best Places and Map

Arkansas (the natural state) is known for being an excellent place to fish in its rivers and lakes. Today we will tell you about the best places for trout fishing in Arkansas.

In this article, we will put the best places (that we have verified that there is trout fishing) and a map marking the county where the fishing place is located.

white river arkansas fishing trout

Trout Fishing in Arkansas: White River

I’m going to start with what for me is the best trout fishing spot in Arkansas. The White River in northern Arkansas has over 100 miles available for fishing, which is a lot.

There are many places to easily access and fish from the banks or with your boat/kayak. Every year the AGFC stocks this beautiful river with thousands of trout.

In this river I was able to fish easily with both natural bait and artificial baits.

Trout Fishing in Arkansas: Little Red River

A river that I consider calmer than others mentioned in this list. You can get good trout in this river. Here is my personal opinion, I prefer to fish only with artificial, but as I said it is only my opinion.

Trout Fishing in Arkansas: Lake Ouachita

In this lake, it was a little more difficult than in the others to get trout, but there are some. Every year the AGFC also stocks the lake with trout. Generally, it is easier to find them near the river dam.

Trout Fishing in Arkansas: Beaver Tailwater

Excellent for fishing near the dams. I got good catches whenever I visit this fishing spot. Try with natural bait and artificial bait, in my case I also had success with artificial bait.

Trout Fishing in Arkansas: Spring River

Spring River is located in northern Arkansas, close to neighboring Missouri. It is a very good place to try fly fishing. Between Mammoth Spring and Dam 3 is where I had the best results, both with fly fishing and natural bait.

Lake Catherine (Below Carpenter Dam)

Very close to Lake Ouachita is Lake Catherine, also in this place you can fish for trout in the same way as in Ouachita.

Also here you should try to fish close to the dam as you will get better results and in an easier way than if you try to fish the trout in the lake.

Norfork Tailwater

A good place to fish, but it does not have so many places to fish. Approximately 5 miles of coastline for fishing. In 1988 a brown trout of 39 pounds was caught. If you want to try to catch a real river monster, I recommend this place.

Trout Species in Arkansas

There are more places where you can find trout, but these are the ones where I had the most success fishing.

The following species of trout can be found in Arkansas:

Brook Trout

Cutthroat Trout

Brown Trout

Rainbow Trout

trout fishing in arkansas
Trout and White Bass in White River.

My Fishing Equipment for This 2021

As I live in Arkansas I fish very often for trout in these sites that I have just recommended, although the fishing varies every day, these are the products with which I have had the most success fishing for trout in Arkansas.

I chose these lures because they come in 10 different colors, so I can try them out, since many times with one color I have no luck and with the other the trout bite is instantaneous.

Another economical lure that gave me great luck with trout fishing in Arkansas.

These last three are some of my favorites because they always give me a catch. I hope you find my advice useful and that you catch a lot of trout in Arkansas.