How to Golf for Beginners – Ultimate Guide

To talk about golf is to talk about a sport where precision, concentration, and coordination are very necessary. Getting started in this sport at the beginning can be somewhat disconcerting and even intimidating, but everyone can learn to play.
So here are a couple of tips to keep in mind. Learn all about how to golf for beginners in this guide.

How to Golf for Beginners: You Need Time

At first, you may not get out on the course much and spend time training by hitting balls off the practice tee, but then the golf bug will invite you to get out more and play tournaments. Keep in mind that completing 18 holes takes on average about four hours (without stopping too much and on foot), but if you play a tournament you will have to spend the whole morning and even part of the afternoon (for example, if you stay for lunch and participate in the prize draw).

Take Lessons

Learning to play golf alone or with friends is hard. To get started in this sport, it is best to take lessons with a professional teacher who can help you to improve your gestures and correct your posture.  Friends or family can also be of help when it comes to recommending things and practicing, but lessons from a properly trained professional are the safest way to learn golf in the best way.

golf take lessons

How to Golf for Beginners: Start With A Good Teacher

Golf is a very technical sport and what you learn well, you never forget. Not all of us have the same age, complexion, or physical qualities. A good golf instructor will know how to guide us at the beginning to get the best out of us, without picking up vices that delay learning or even lead us to develop some kind of injury. With time, you can space out the classes, but I consider that at the beginning it is something fundamental.

Renting Equipment

On the first day of golf, the best thing to do is to rent the equipment you consider necessary. Most golf courses rent bags of clubs, practice balls, and other supplies with which you can enjoy a good day of golf.

In case you are preparing your first day and want to get your equipment, it is best not to buy the whole set of clubs, just the basics to get started.

golf renting equipment

How to Golf for Beginners: Invest The Money In Learning Golf

It is not one of the most expensive sports, but it all depends on how capricious you are. If you don’t have time to play every week on the course, you may not want to pay for full membership and just pay the green fee when you go out. You can invest this money in throwing balls or taking a golf lesson, both of which will help you continue to improve. You should also get good advice when buying clubs, do not discard the second-hand market where you can find everything. It makes no sense to buy a new and expensive set if you have not understood the above tips, you may abandon the practice after six months. There are also many models of golf balls, but at the beginning, you will not notice the difference.


Although we all agree that golf is not a sport that we can categorize as violent, in practice, we end up moving all the joints of our body, so it is clear that a warm-up is necessary before starting to play.

 How to Golf for Beginners: Keep Your Feet On The Ground

We are sure that on television you will have seen on many occasions the foot turns that golfers make when they make a swing. The thing is that when you start learning this beautiful sport you must go little by little and especially keep your feet well planted on the ground when you hit the ball, which is going to allow us not to lose sight of the ball.

how to golf for beginners

Not The Gloves

Before we start playing or practicing, the best thing to do is to take off our watches or rings, and then put on a glove. When we start playing golf, we usually grip the clubs very tightly and this can sometimes cause blisters that are avoidable with the use of gloves.

How to Golf for Beginners: Patience

When we start, it is complicated, so we do not think is to go directly to an eighteen-hole course. This means that we have an intermediate option, playing a game of Pitch and Putt, which is a type of golf played in smaller dimensions.

start with a good teacher

Tolerance To Frustration

Beginners must be attentive because the beginnings are complicated. When we start playing at the beginning we are not going to be very good, so don’t expect to send the ball 100 meters and direct the ball where you want it to go. Practice and perseverance are key in this sport. All this makes it necessary to make it clear that in Golf there are plenty of bad or discreet days, but when they are good, they are worth it.

We are sure that these tips we have given you will be useful when starting in the world of golf. In case you choose to start playing golf, you just have to choose the specific place where to put it into practice.

What Equipment Do I Need To Play Golf?

To start hitting your first shots you will need some clubs and a golf bag, as well as a glove and appropriate footwear. A maximum of 14 clubs is used and carried in the golf bag.

There are three types of golf clubs:

– The woods (these are the clubs that we will use to hit the ball and achieve greater distance).

– The irons (they are the clubs that we will use to hit the ball and get a medium and short distance).

– The putt (the club we will use to hit the ball on the green).

Do not forget to go out to the course with your marker and putter.

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