How to Perfect your Golf Swing – Ultimate Guide

The golf swing is a complicated movement that requires speed and precision. It is not a simple action it is an unnatural movement for our body since it links a combination of different movements where the slightest mistake can spoil our stroke. Learn all about How to Perfect your Golf Swing in this full article.

As in other sports where each player has his technique to perform the various actions of the game, each golfer has his mechanics to execute his swing.

How to Perfect your Golf Swing: The Swing has Four Key Phases

– Backswing: the initial phase of the stroke. We take the driver backward, to gain momentum and place it behind our head.

– Downswing: this is the moment when the club stops going up and starts to go down, picking up speed towards the ball.

– Follow-through: this is the instant immediately after hitting the ball when the arms are still moving due to the inertia of the ball. At this point, the arms should not be forced to stop abruptly but should decelerate progressively.

– Finish the final phase of the stroke: Our body cannot describe any more swing angle and we finish the movement with the club above our head.

If you want to know more How to Perfect your Golf Swing continue reading this complete guide to the end. You will not regret it.

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How to Improve Your Swing

1. Observe Yourself Playing

While the pros can easily watch past games on TV, you will need some help re-watching your swing, but following the advice of the pros and watching your swing can generate great results. While watching your video, pause to analyze your body position. At the top of your swing, see if your dominant forearm is parallel to your spine while your other arm is straight. One of the small golf swing tips that can change your impact is to pay attention to your wrist axis. At the top of your swing, it should already be forming a 90° angle. Paying attention to these small details is only possible when you film and pause a video, but this tool is the best way to improve your golf swing.

2. Get in Shape

You can follow the best golf swing tips to the letter, but experienced players know that the swing is not just in the arms. It’s a full-body movement. If you’re looking to improve your golf swing, you’ll need to work on your fitness. Leg exercises and crunches are excellent golf swing exercises to build muscle strength for more powerful impacts, and adding twists into these movements helps keep your joints relaxed and flexible. As you gain more strength, you will notice more range in your swing and more power behind your golf club.

3. Practice Drills

Once you’ve gained strength and found your weak point in your swing, there are drills you can do to improve your game. One way to make sure you are focusing on how to improve your golf swing is to pause at the top of your swing and count to three, making sure everything is lined up. Another exercise that will help during swing development is to practice with your feet together. Performing shots this way will help improve your swing and, as you return to your normal stance, you will find greater overall strength and balance throughout your body.

While there are no shortcuts to take to become a better athlete, taking the time and patience to practice these tips is the best way to improve your golf swing.

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How to Perfect your Golf Swing: Here are Three Exercises to Help you Find the Perfect Swing

Precise Timing of the Impact

For this drill, hold your driver upside down with the grip down and take a few practice swings.

When the grip reaches the lowest position of the swing, you should be aware of the buzz in the air.

The objective of this simple exercise is to learn to appreciate the sensations that the movement transmits to us and to recognize the precise moment when the club reaches its maximum speed to transfer it later to your swing and achieve a better line and greater distance.

Exercise with a Paper Cup

This exercise will be perfect for you to get better control of your wrists.

The first step is to remove the base of a paper cup so that it can pass through the shaft of the driver.

Once we have the cup inside the club, we will practice our downswing slowly so that the cup slides into our hands.

If we make the swing correctly, the glass should reach the clubhead just as it hits the ball. This ensures that the clubhead reaches maximum speed when it hits the ball, taking advantage of all the power generated in the swing.

If we have not fully released the club, the cup will not yet have reached that point after impact.

Conversely, if we have released the wrists too early, the cup will have already reached the driver’s head before the stroke.

Practice from an Elevated Lie

We will hold the club in the usual way and practice some strokes with a lie above our feet.

Hitting the ball from a higher position will help us to achieve a more centered impact. This way we will avoid the dreaded slice, a very common defect among golf players and that can persist for a long time in your game.

If you want to increase the power of your golf swing, you can do so with a few simple techniques. Adjust your stance by resting your weight on the balls of your feet and turning your feet outward. Perfect your swing by lightly gripping the club and fully extending your arms after impact. You can also do drills or exercises to increase power, such as throwing a medicine ball to improve the hip rotation. Also, it is advisable to take a few lessons with a golf professional who can give you specific feedback on your posture and swing.

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How to Perfect your Golf Swing: Adjusting your Posture

These methods will help in How to Perfect your Golf Swing do not forget to always practice them.

Method 1: Adjust your Posture


If you are right-handed, keep your right foot in front of your left. Your stance will be an important part of your swing. When you get ready to swing, make sure your right foot is a little ahead of your left foot. You can also turn your right foot slightly outward. Both of these movements will help you increase the rotation of your body in the backswing.

Left-handed golfers should reverse these instructions.


Turn the left foot 45 degrees outward. For a more open stance, turn the left foot 45 degrees outward in the same direction. This motion can help you loosen your hips more quickly, which increases power in the downswing. If you are a left-handed golfer, turn the right foot outward at a 45-degree angle.


Support the right leg. Many right-handed golfers lose power when they lean to the outside of their right foot. You can avoid this by applying pressure to the ground with the inside of the right leg during the backswing. This pressure is released in the backswing, which increases the power of your golf game.

Lean on your left leg if you are left-handed.


Ideally, use the toes of your feet to support your body weight. If you put too much weight on your heels or toes, you will have an unbalanced and therefore weak swing. Maintain balance throughout the swing by resting your weight on the tips of your toes, which will ensure a stronger strike on the ball.

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 Method 2: Perfecting your Swing


Hold the club lightly. If the muscles in your hands and arms are tense, your swing speed may slow down. Relax your grip on the club and arms to avoid this common mistake. Use an adjustable scale, where 1 represents the lightest grip the club can have, and 10 represents the firmest. Opt for a 4 or 5 grip to give you the right amount of control.


Form a wider swing arc. A wider swing arc can give your golf game the power you need. Instead of just lifting the club, extend it away from you during the backswing. Without moving your head, move your arms as far away from your body as possible.


Let your feet guide the downswing. During the downswing, position your left heel on the ground and turn both ankles toward the goal. Allowing your feet to lead causes your knees to move in the same direction, which creates a more powerful hip rotation. This can increase the power of your swing and help you achieve the handicap you desire.


Relax your wrists just before impact. Your wrists will be open or extended during the backswing. Try to keep this open wrist position as long as possible to develop a greater release. You should not release your wrists in the backswing until just before the club hits the ball.


Fully extend your arms after hitting the ball. To increase the power of your golf swing, you should stretch following the motion of the ball. Instead of stopping the movement of your arms after impact, keep extending them fully.

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 Method 3: Performing Drills and Exercises


Throw a medicine ball. Choose one heavy enough to provide resistance when thrown. Squat down with your knees bent a little more than they would be in a typical golf stance. Hold the ball with your hands in front of you. Rotate your hips as hard and fast as you can and throw the ball.

Do not rotate your shoulders during this exercise.


Exercise with a resistance band. Attach a resistance band to an object that remains stable. Face away from the object holding the band and hold it in your left hand, just behind you. Get into your usual golf stance and pull the band forward in a forceful motion, then let it return to its original position. Repeat the process using both hands, instead of just the left.

Stand farther away from the object holding the band to increase resistance.


Perform exercises with a wooden block. Adopt your normal golf stance. Place a block of the wood, book, or another flat object that weighs between 2 and 5 pounds (1 and 2.3 kg) just behind the golf club. Push the block of wood (or other objects) back with the head of your club. This will create extra effort, which increases the pressure on your feet.[12] Practice this exercise 100 times a day.

Practice this exercise 100 times a day to increase the power of your golf swing.


Rotate the shaft of the golf club. Take the head off an old golf club. Assume your normal golf stance. Practice swinging the golf club as you normally would. Since the club is lighter without its head, your muscles’ reaction time will increase and you will be able to maximize the speed of your swing at impact.

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 Method 4: Setting Yourself Up for Success


Choose the right club for you. The best golf club will vary depending on the shot, as well as your style. Generally, woods, including drivers, are used for long-distance shots. Irises are used for fairway shots, while wedges are for shorter approach shots. Putters are used to driving the golf ball into the hole.


Take a golf lesson. You can hit as many balls as you want, but unless you correct your technique, your game is not going to improve at all. Take a golf lesson with a recognized professional who can analyze your stance and swing. You need to get the proper feedback to know what you need to modify. The professional will help you make adjustments that will increase the power of your golf swing.


Practice deliberately. Once you have taken a lesson with a golf pro, you will know exactly where you need to improve. Follow this personalized plan to develop the areas you need to work on. Push yourself beyond your abilities and stick with it, even if you consistently hit bad shots. Focus on improving your technique and keep practicing.

By following all these tips you will be successful in how to perfect your golf swing.

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