Bersa Thunder 9 Pro Review – Updated

The Bersa Thunder Pro pistol in 9mm caliber is manufactured in Argentina. It has been made with the greatest care, taking care of the most aesthetic, ergonomic, and functional details. It is made with the best materials and it has been designed to offer high performance, both at a personal and family level. In short, it is a safe and reliable weapon that meets the most demanding international standards. Bersa Thunder 9 Pro Review in this complete article.

General Analysis Bersa Thunder Pro

The Bersa Thunder Pro 9mm Parabellum is a versatile weapon that offers great performance both in defensive functions and sports practices, as well as for use in professional service. It is built with steel, aluminum, and special plastics (polymers) defined internationally as appropriate and specific for firearms. It is manufactured using state-of-the-art tools and machinery, with the latest computer-assisted technology, which guarantees the quality and interchangeability of its components. An added value of this Argentine gun is that it has a lifetime guarantee.

 Its locking system is by a short recoil, with a tilting barrel and a slot in the ejection window, which allows a positive union between the barrel and the slide, which ensures the expulsion of the used cartridge and loads the gun with a new cartridge without interruptions. It has a double-action, which allows, as in the case of the revolver, to transport the weapon loaded with the cartridge in the chamber and the hammer disassembled, and to make the shot by simply pulling the tail of the trigger.

The Bersa Thunder Pro pistol also has two highly effective locks that work automatically. The first one, of utmost importance, keeps the firing pin blocked as long as the trigger tail is not activated, which prevents an involuntary shot due to falls, blows, vibrations, etc. This safety only releases the firing pin a few moments before the shot is fired. The second one is a redundant safety that moves the hammer away from the firing pin when the weapon is unfired.

Bersa Pro Disassembly and Cleaning

Disassembly for cleaning is extremely simple. It is done by operating a simple lever, dividing the weapon into a few pieces. Also, the gun is totally ambidextrous and the magazine retainer can be changed to be operated with the left hand.

bersa thunder pro dissasemble
bersa thunder pro 9mm disassemble and cleaning

Bersa Thunder Pro: Other Virtues

Among other virtues, it has a warning system that the gun is unloaded, leaving the slide in the open position when the last round in the magazine is fired. It also has a breaker lever that allows the hammer to be removed even with a projectile in the chamber, simultaneously placing the gun in safety.

As for the aiming elements, the Thunder Pro 9mm pistol has a grip that is embedded in the slide, while its grip is of the wrap-around and anatomical type. It has a goalkeeper’s bow prepared to support the index finger in the two-handed shooting mode.

gun safe safety

To diminish its brightness, in the factory it is given a matte finish and treatment in the slide and the barrel called Tenifer, which increases notably the superficial hardness in values close to those of the diamond, and similar to those of the tungsten carbide (widia). These treatments give the gun parts self-lubricating characteristics and add an anti-corrosive capacity.

bersa thunder pro shooting range

Specifications of Bersa Thunder Pro 9mm

– Caliber: 9mm Parabellum.

– Magazine capacity: 17+1

– Operation: Semi-automatic. Double and single action with an external hammer.

– Closing: Short recoil with tilting of the barrel and fitting in the ejection window.

– Safety: Manual, by hammering lever and automatic trigger tail.

– Aiming elements: Built-in dovetailed slide and white highlighter lines for quick aiming. Fixed dash with a white point.

– Length: 7.6 in (192 mm)

– Barrel length: 4.2 in (107.7 mm)

– Width: 1.45 in (37 mm)

– Height: 5.51 in (140 mm)

– Weight: 30 Oz (872 gr)

Bersa Thunder 9 Pro Review.