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Best Inflatable SUP           

My sister and my husband both were beginners in SUP. I have plenty of experience on a hard SUP board doing SUP Yoga. Preparing for our road trip from west to south of the United States, I thought that an incredible opportunity for us to have inflatable boards and kayaks and try them through the rivers and lakes. And here are the reviews of the products we were testing on our trip, such as the ROC Stand Up Paddle Board Package. Learn all about the best inflatable paddle board in this article.

Are Inflatable SUPs Good?

Are Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards Any Good?

Absolutely, Our team of MySportOutdoors tells you the advantages and disadvantages of the best SUPs boards on the market.

What Is The Best Paddle Board To Buy?

On this website, you will find the review of different outdoor sports equipment that the Team of MySportOutdoors has tested.

In this article, you will find a review of one of the best inflatable SUP boards we have tested. Check out the differences between ROC SUP Board and SerenaLife SUP board. Both are excellent inflatable boards.

ROC Stand Up Paddle Board Review

The ROC Stand Up Paddle Board is an inflatable paddle board, made of the highest quality grade material.  The ROC Stand Up Paddle Inflatable Boards are one of the most durable and lightweight boards on the market. The quality of the ROC SUP Boards is the same materials as boards costing twice as much. I have rented inflatable paddle boards that are double the price of this.

Also, it is 20% lighter than competitors, with only 17.5 pounds.

The ROC Stand Up Paddle Board have an extra-wide design beneficial for people of all skill level. It can be used in the ocean, freshwater lakes, and rivers and will get you anywhere you want to paddle. Board dimensions are 10’ long by 33” wide and 6” thick with a weight limit of 300 pounds.

The ROC Stand Up Paddle Board Package includes the inflatable board, one collapsible aluminum paddle, one safety leash, one hand pump, one waterproof bag for essentials such as cell phone and keys, and an upgraded backpack to hold everything.

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How Do I Choose A Stand Up Paddle Board?

To choose a board checks the weight capacity it can support, and then the quality you are willing to invest. In this review, you will find good brands on the market that you can choose from.

Advantages of the ROC Stand Up Paddle Board

Comfortable, affordable with higher quality materials and warranty for 1 year, convenient for storage, portability, highest quality grade military material. It’s lightweight and super easy for me to fill and carry down to the lake (20% lighter than competitors, with only 17.5 pounds). Thousands of boards are sold across the world. Once in the water, it felt sturdy maybe not as much as the hardboard. However, comparing to other inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards, it´s one of the most stables on the market. Once you learn how to maneuver the SUP Board, it´s easy to enjoy it and lots of fun.

It is sturdy when blown up and big enough for me and my dog to stay on. I was pleasantly surprised to see what great quality. The package includes a hand pump. However, I would highly recommend getting an electric air pump with the board that sets the proper psi. It is fairly easy to inflate.

How Long Does It Take To Inflate A Stand Up Paddle Board?

The electric air pump works perfectly using a 12v battery or connecting to your car. It took about 8-10 minutes to inflate to reach the 12 PSI. The pump blows up a little slow when you compare it with other competitors. Don´t be scared like me. Just when I was worried it was over-inflating the machine slowed to a stop at the preset 12 PSI. Once the ROC Stand Up Paddle Board is inflated, it is rock hard!!! Amazing!

The handle on the middle of the board is convenient and easy to carry. The board colors are nice. The white gets dirty but the material is easy to clean.

The carry backpack bag is easy to carry and a comfortable backpack to store. It is amazing how everything can easily fit inside.

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Do SUP Paddles Float?

the ROC Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles can float. The ROC SUP board package includes paddles with foam inside the rods to prevent them from sinking.

At the end of the trip, you should be sure the board is completed dry before rolled it up. To protect the board materials, transport them in its bag. When it’s time to deflate rolled up (starting from front is the easiest in my experience) and in the backpack ready to pop in the trunk, it’s pretty much a 3-5 minute job. I love how it fits easily, including the hand pump, in the backpack which makes it suitable for throwing in the back of the car or a closet at home.

Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Durable?

After being stored and rolled up for 1 year, there has been no inconvenience in re-inflating to use the ROC Stand Up Paddle Board. The quality of the materials used to manufacture the ROC Stand Up Paddle Board is remarkable.

What Is The Most Stable Paddle Board?

the ROC Stand Up Paddle Board and SerenaLife SUP board are two wonderful options when looking for inflatable SUP board stability.

Is Stand Up Paddle Board Good Exercise?

Is Stand Up Paddle Board Good Exercise?

Stand Up Paddling is an excellent exercise. Paddling in a SUP is a relatively easy sport to learn and works a wide range of muscle groups.

It is possible to have several positions, such as standing, sitting, or even lying down, giving different exercise intensities.

Can you do Yoga on an Inflatable SUP?

It is possible to do yoga on a stand-up paddle board, being on an unstable surface (water) will help you improve your balance and overall musculature.

It is also possible to surfing, finishing or only get you anywhere you want just paddling.

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Best Inflatable Sup For Dogs

Although some differences between ROC SUP Board and SerenaLife SUP board, both are excellent choices as inflatable SUP for dogs. The size is more then enough for you and your dog.

Disadvantages of the ROC Stand Up Paddle Board

I believe that for a person who is not interested in taking care of his or her belongings, inflatable products (in general) are not good options. These boards, regardless of the brand, need to be deflated and stored dry. Any inflatable product could be damaged if the manufacturer’s recommendations are not followed. Otherwise, I don’t find any disadvantages when comparing the rest of the board to its competitors.

Final comments – Review the ROC Stand Up Paddle Board

Is An Inflatable SUP Good?

Comparing Quality vs Payment, the ROC Stand Up Paddle Board Package has exceeded our expectations.

What Is The Best Size Paddle Board For Beginners?

With some differences between ROC SUP Board and SerenaLife SUP board, both are outstanding choices and have the right size as an inflatable Paddle Board For Beginners.

I hope this review helps. So far it has been an excellent experience! I am super pleased with the board.