Paddle Board Yoga – My Personal Experience

SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddle) is the sport that allows you to combine the use of the paddle board with the practice of yoga.  In this article learn all about paddle board yoga.

What Does Sup Yoga Mean

The SUP Yoga means is Stand Up Paddle Yoga. SUP is the acronym that refers to the sport Stand Up Paddle. To practice Stand Up Paddle sport is necessary to use a board, longer and wider than a surfboard, which provides high stability, allowing a person to easily stand on the board, especially in calm waters. Originally, the SUP board was designed for people to stand up paddling, but during the last years, its use has diversified with different accessories, being possible to surf, fish, and practice yoga. It should always be practiced in calm waters, so it can be done in the sea, a lake, a river or even a pool. That’s why courses and instructors are springing up. It is becoming popular in hotels, gyms, and inland areas, not only in the USA. 

What Is Paddle Board Yoga

Paddle Board Yoga is the sport and the connection when practicing yoga in the calm water using a paddle board. Paddle boards provide high stability. Therefore, it is easy to practice yoga enjoying a wonderful environment of relaxation floating in calm waters. The SUP Yoga reproduces a yoga practice on a board, that may be or not inflatable.

SUP Yoga classes

The idea is to reproduce a yoga class, but practice on a board in calm waters. For an hour you have to reproduce 10 hatha yoga postures in series of six repetitions, including meditation, breathing, joint warm-up, sun salutations, and balancing postures. Beginners only perform them on the floor of the board and the more advanced ones also incorporate the ones done standing up.

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Paddle Board Yoga Tips

Here some tips for SUP Yoga. The best time to practice is early or late in the day. Because from 12 noon until 8 p.m. the wind can pick up and the water can be more unstable.

In the beginners’ courses, they lend you an inflatable board, like a mat, which is wider and has more volume than a traditional surfboard. You must make sure you are well hydrated, wear comfortable clothes. Avoid neoprene clothes, is very uncomfortable for practicing yoga. Particularly during the summer, remember to use high SPF50+ sunscreen and take a bath before starting the class to be fresh and clear.

Beginners in SUP, with experience in Yoga, when practicing twice a week for an hour, after a month you can begin to practice it with ease.

What Should I Wear To Paddle Board Yoga?

It is highly recommended not to use neoprene cloth. Neoprene shoes should be the only ones recommended, although not necessary. A yoga crop pant is a straight fit and not meant to be tight at the knee. Cropped yoga pants with a wide waistband are a comfortable option for SUP Yoga. Sun-proof women’s leggings are another option.

Best Paddle Boards For Yoga

The best boards for SUP Yoga can be fiberglass or inflatable. Today’s inflatable boards are just as stable in calm water as non-inflatable fiberglass boards. Regarding the size, the longer and wider, the greater the stability.

Can You Do Yoga On An Inflatable Sup?

Doing yoga on an inflatable board is easy and recommended for those who are beginners in the sport. Our team of MySportOutdoors tells you the advantages and disadvantages of the best SUPs boards on the market.

Best Inflatable Paddle Board For Yoga

The best Inflatable Paddle Board for Yoga are those with large sizes that provide good and high stability, with the best quality materials, easy to inflate and transport. Of the products we have had the chance to test, we recommend these as the best for SUP Yoga. DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga option with a Couple Board size 12’2”x 34”x 6” is a fabulous option for beginners. Another interesting option on DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for Yoga is model Freshwater 11’x33”x6”.  the ROC Stand Up Paddle Board and SerenaLife SUP board are two wonderful options when looking for inflatable SUP board stability, both with dimensions 10’x33”x6” as other versatile option.

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Benefits of SUP Yoga

Practicing Yoga combined with Stand Up Paddle (SUP Yoga) improves breathing and the immune system. Expands balance abilities, increases strength and flexibility. Also improves coordination and endurance. It is a great and complete exercise improving the strengthening of the core and torso when paddling.

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