SUP Accessories – Full Guide

For this article we have compiled some of the best SUP Accessories. You’re sure to find something that will be useful for your next trip to the water.

Accessories for Stand Up Paddle Boards

The best thing about this sport is all the different possibilities it offers in terms of the use of the board. Whether it is fishing, doing yoga, or taking a walk with your dog.

Here are some accessories that you can not miss if you like to do this sport:

SUP Traction Pad for Dogs (Traction Style Tracks)

Protects the board and gives a good comfortable non-slip surface for your dog. It is a traction pad for dogs. Made of waterproof materials such as EVA foam. The dogs love sitting on this grip pad just for them. Any pad for dogs on the market will fit any board (surfboards, kayaks, and SUP boards).

sup accesories traction pad for dogs

Digital Electric Air Pump Compressor

The electric air pump is a must for any inflatable board or kayak that you want to enjoy. Convenient, easy to use, portable. Air pump compressor used to have air valve adapter, with different connectors, really versatile product.

Widely applicable to all kinds of paddle boards, canoes, rubber boats, assault boats, dump pools, floating rows, inflatable beds, kayaks.

sup accessories 12v air pump

Lil Sucker Never Spill a Sip – Suction Ring

You can place your drink in this coaster-like accessory so you won’t spill a drop even in the toughest conditions.

suction ring sup

Stand Up Floats – Inflatable Floats – SUP Accessories

Transform your Stand Up Paddle board into a beautiful inflatable animal; this item promotes family time and inspires kids to exercise, play and imagine.

Easily attaches to any stand up paddle board using the removable universal harness system, no tools required.}

It has multiple configurations: the seat is integrated into the tail and can be moved to different positions on the board.

stand up floats

Pelican Boats PS0480-3 SUP Accessories

Universal waterproof cushion with back support. Water repellent seat. Perfect for sitting on your stand up paddle board fishing or just relaxing.

Multi-adjustable strap system and articulated design to maximize your comfort. Easily attaches to D-rings. May require an accessory mounting kit. 

pelican boats

Small Boat Anchor Kit SUP Accessories

Another very useful accessory is the small (portable) anchors. These usually weigh 1.5 lbs and help us to stay in one place without being swept away by the current.

small boat anchor kit